IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION: If you are having any of these symptoms — fever, cough or shortness of breath — please call 1-800-230-PLAN and ask to speak with a nurse before your appointment or coming into a health center.

Quality of Care

Planned Parenthood provides fast, high­ quality, affordable care to women of every income level.

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Quality of Care

Planned Parenthood provides fast, high­ quality, affordable care to women of every income level.

80+ Years of Trusted Care

With a longstanding commitment to quality health care, and with each of our health centers accredited by Planned Parenthood’s national quality rating system, we offer the information and educational resources that empower you to take control of your health. Our affordable, expert care provides life­saving resources and testing services at any income level — all typically within 72 hours of your call.

Planned Parenthood employs clinicians who are advanced practice nurse practitioners, midwives, and physician assistants. Our specialized experts work with reproductive health issues every day, and can quickly identify and properly handle health problems. We also offer a direct RN (Registered Nurse) call center, allowing our existing patients to speak directly and immediately with an RN regarding any medical questions or concerns.

In the event your health care needs go beyond the scope of our services, we have established relationships with medical providers throughout the community, and we’ll personally help coordinate next steps for your treatment. From discussing insurance issues to providing education and counseling, we’ll stick with you all the way. We help you navigate the health care system so you don’t have to face any obstacles alone.

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Accessing care through Planned Parenthood is convenient, safe, and easy. All patients are required to make an appointment to discuss your health concerns and determine the best course of care through telehealth or an in-person appointment. Telehealth appointments are managed by phone and/or through a private and secure video platform. As always, all the information you share with us is confidential.

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Questions about sexuality? Our new “Be Sexy. Be Safe” series tackles a variety of sexuality topics with a direct, friendly approach.

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